Self defence courses, events & seminars

We hold seminars and events which are specially chosen to improve self defence skills. These events are open to everyone and anyone who wants to learn how to protect themselves – you do not need to be a member of a MCQC club in order to attend.

Want to teach self defence?

Modern CQC also offer instructor courses for those who wish to teach self defence and/or run their own club.

Below is further information about the upcoming events:

MCQC Seminar – The Weapon Threat

Date: 1030hrs - 1500hrs: 27th January 2019

Cost: £25pp (40% discount for qualified MCQC trainers)

Location: Kyushinkai Dojo, Court Works Industrial Estate, Bridgnorth Rd, Madeley, Telford TF7 4JB

The next MCQC seminar will cover the weapon threat. Topics covered will include Fine tuning the I.A. (Immediate Action) Drills Current trends Strategy/Tactical response options Surviving the edged weapon threat…

MCQC Level 2 Instructors Course

Date: 20/21 and 27/28 July 2019

Cost: £250

Location: Kyushinkai Dojo, Telford. TF7 4JB

The level 2 (Advanced) Instructors course is only open to qualified level 1 instructors. The programme covers physical control skills, ground survival, edged weapons and the firearms elements of the…

MCQC Level 1 Instructors Course

Date: 11/12 and 18/19 May 2019

Cost: £250

Location: Kyushinkai Dojo, Telford. TF7 4JB

If you are looking to teach a highly effective, reality based combatives system in your own club or you are a practitioner who simply wishes to develop your own operational…

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