MCQC Wythenshawe

We are a small club based in Wythenshawe Manchester. We train women, men and children. We look to deliver sessions with simple technique but very effective. Sessions are held at the United Estates of Wythenshawe gym, broadoak road on a Tuesday evening from 6 – 7.30pm and on Saturday mornings 9 – 10am followed by children’s classes 10 – 11am. I have trained under Jimmy Kelly (who also leads sessions), for 6 years and earned my black belt under him last year, which  is an honor as he has only granted 3 other black belts in the many years he has taught street combatives. I have recently gained a black belt under master Trevor Roberts, the iron Man of Bolton in applied street combat jujitsu. I bow my head to this man, as what he doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. I am also an ABA boxing coach, a level 1 instructor in Kapap and have just recently gained my level 1 M.C.Q.C under Paul Brennan. In class a good bag of tricks is used to help people from all walks of life and ages to defend themselves on the street. Jimmy Kelly has a massive background in martial arts, boxing, and also recently gained his level 1 in M.C.Q.C under Paul Brennan. Jimmy has been training in combat sports for at least 40 years, and has a very wide knowledge of street self defense and the like and what this man doesn’t know and couldn’t teach isn’t worth knowing. Coming to class you would be sure to learn how to defend yourself against one on one attacks, multiple person attacks, strangles, chokes, grabs. To stay switched on, to prevent a likely attack happening, colour codes and pressure test what you learn so that you can put it to test. Like they say, there is no point in going swimming if you’re not going to get wet.
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