MCQC – IKF Oxford

Originally from South Africa; having lived many years in Portugal, Tony started Krav Maga shortly after he moved to the UK in 2008 where he has been an active combatives practitioner ever since. In the past he has studied Kung-Fu (Leong Cheung, Snake, Tai Chi and Wu Shu).

Tony believes that most martial arts are effective in the right hands, but serious violence rarely lasts more than 5 seconds. It doesn’t take much to put even the biggest man down, and 5 seconds is more than enough time to cause serious injury. That means you don’t have the luxury of time to think or take up a fancy kung-fu stance. You get time only to act, cause an effect, and continue to act.

Observing the above Tony looked for a credible, effective and realistic form of self- defence that could be learned and applied in real situations, Krav Maga/MCQC/Kapap fitted this requirement in all aspects. The key elements of these systems which caught his attentions was the straight forward and realistic techniques with the ability to use them effectively in stressful conditions. They also demonstrated that it accounted for common, modern weaponry (knives, sticks, guns).Tony also liked the “fit to fight” philosophy combined with scenario type training with multiple attackers and this was another point which convinced him that these system were not a sport/competition but systems that gave him a set of tools not just to survive but to win in the street.

Tony is always keen to improve his knowledge and skills and has attended many specialised seminars and trains under the Head Instructor of IKF (Amit Himelstein) on a regular basis.


  • OFI Bodyguard Course – Security Israeli CQB headed by Amit Himelstein
  • IKF Israeli CQC Instructor
  • MCQC Instructor Level 3
  • Krav Maga Brown belt TAG 1
  • Control & Restraint Level 1-2
  • Concealed Carry Firearms Training for Executive Close Protection Officer.


Tony is keen to share that knowledge and to that end he runs regular seminars in the Oxford area.

Contact Tel No: +447726 579624