MCQC Ashford – Kent

Colin Ellis runs KRAV-MCQC Ashford, teaching a reality based self defence system that utilises the best of both disciplines to provide a simple and effective response to real violence.
He is a level 2 MCQC Instructor, who served 17 years in the military both regular and reserves.
He served with Commando, Para and SF units and has worked for the last 20 years in Close protection, Surveillance and Maritime operations for both government and commercial organisations.
As well as being a level 1 MCQC Instructor, he is also a level 1 Krav Maga Self Defence instructor, and has recently completed a period of Advanced Krav Maga training.
Colin will be looking to run Intensive 2 day courses in the near future combining both Krav Maga and MCQC skillsets.

Colin is also available for private training and can be contacted via his website: or via e