MCQC – IKF Powys

MCQC Powys is run by Richard Gosney who is a qualified MCQC level 3 instructor. Richard has significant experience working as a covert surveillance operative working on “the circuit”, providing surveillance and counter surveillance to a range of corporate and private companies. From insurance fraud investigation to operating as a member of a close protection team in hostile situations. During this period he was also part of a team providing training to undercover operatives of the government benefits agency. More recently Richard has provided physical intervention training in the commercial sector to high profile organisations around the UK. Richard has practiced martial arts for over a decade, practicing in Kung Fu, Bujinkan and is a qualified IKF CQB instructor. Richard is the head instructor of CQC Powys.

Venue: Newtown Martial Arts Centre, 2nd Floor Agricultural House, Old Kerry House, Newtown, Powys, SY16 1BS

Contact Tel: 07540 778522